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Building up the next 100 women in cybersecurity

Cyber For School Girls is a non-profit organization in Ireland, our mission is to address the complex problem of closing the gender and skills gap in the Irish cybersecurity industry.

We dream of being able to say that we’ve successfully helped kickstart the cybersecurity careers of 100 young women/girls. We want to live in a world where cybersecurity teams across domains are gender-balanced and women not only have allies but equal opportunities.

It can get lonely out there.

In the cybersecurity industry, the ratio of women to men is 20:80 percent. This means that for every team of 10, only 2 women can be found, this is an unbalanced work environment. Also, there are only 1.6 girls out of 10 people in every IT/Computing degree across Ireland. The benefits of balancing the gender means equality and equity is enhanced. A diverse workforce brings diverse ideas and an opportunity for new outcomes.

Help us a tell a new story.

We are building a programme for secondary school girls in all-girl secondary schools across Ireland. To go as far as we can we need volunteers and collaborators to help us deliver, talks, workshops, competitions and organization skills to join our team.

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